Get started with Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping is one of the newer options for online businesses. On Instagram, you can easily and visually sell your items directly to your target group. Read here and learn more about what Instagram Shopping is and how to get started.

How to make a company profile on Instagram

A company profile on Instagram will give you many insights and opportunities as a company. In this post, you will find a guide on how to convert your regular Instagram profile into a business account – easy and quick.

What is Facebook Business Suite?

In 2020 Facebook presented a new management platform to make it easier for small businesses to manage their digital platforms. Facebook Business Suite is therefore a supplement to Facebook Business Manager, where both Facebook and Instagram can be managed. You can read more about the tool here to understand what the new platform is og what it can do.

Instagram Stories – how and why?

Instagram Stories is a regular part of Instagram and an obvious place to get closer to your followers. In a Story, you can share small snippets of your everyday life a little more often than usual. Everything is a little more imperfect on a Story and it gives you, as a company, the opportunity to show more content behind the scenes and share more often with your followers. Read here, and you will obtain insight into how and why you should use Stories on Instagram.