Today the majority of companies are focused on optimising ads, CPC, ROAS and their digital strategy but we find that many companies can reach their digital marketing goals just by adjusting their creative content. A good ad can be a game changer by getting more attention, more quality views, longer retention, and more sales. A bad ad, no matter how well placed, can actually end up hurting a company or brand.


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"At Iternum Digital we combine creative ideas with the strengest data and human insights to create campaigns that get attention."

- Thomas Fabricius, Creative Director

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Whether you are considering a new website, a new video, or a full advertising campaign we can help you. Our award winning creative team can spar on the entire creative process from ideation to execution. No matter whether you have a concrete idea that you have been waiting to execute at the right time or no idea at all, we are able to help clarify the objectives, the concepts, and the steps in order to make it happen. It’s worth making the investment in strong creative content that bolsters your marketing and connects you with your audience.

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An advertising campaign is a set of advertisements that revolve around a single message and are intended to achieve a particular goal. Our team is specialised in creating big, bold and powerful campaigns that can help cut through the noise and get you noticed in this competitive space. Online advertising campaigns are especially powerful because the user activity is measurable. The data and metrics collected about the ways that customers interact with your campaigns make it easier to optimize campaigns in the future for even better results at lower costs.

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Branding, marketing, advertising – these terms get thrown around a lot and are often treated like they’re interchangeable. While they’re definitely interconnected and geared towards similar goals, they aren’t quite the same thing. Your branding is the process of developing, protecting and promoting your brand. Marketing on the other hand, is based around the 4 P’s – product, place (where you sell your products), price and promotions. It’s the sum of all the steps you take to get your offerings to market while generating attention and interest in what you’re selling. Your creative advertising, then, is the driving force for both of these processes.

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If you are curious about how creative strategy can boost your branding and sales, a good place to start is in our creative workshops. Our 2-part workshop is intended to inspire and clarify creativity as well as the potential directions your company can take. The first part consists of a 2 hour workshop together with our creative team where we get an overview of your brand, your position, and define the messages needed for moving various segments. The key takeaways are collective brainstorms, a SWOT analysis, and a creative foundation analysis for building the ideas upon. The second part consists of a 1 hour creative pitch where the creatives pitch your company at least 3 specific ideas for campaigns.

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Creative content, whether it’s traditional print, TV or radio advertising, blog content, online videos or anything else, is about taking a concept that positions your business as the best option for your customers and forges an emotional connection with your brand. This sort of evocative advertising will make you stand out, helping you cut through the clutter in a world where consumers are constantly barraged by marketing messages. Additionally, it’s the vehicle that turns an otherwise dry marketing pitch into a memorable message that sticks with the audience – a major part of branding your business in the long run.

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