The usability of your website is of uttermost importance to your overall digital performance. It affects both, your ranking in SEO, as well as your quality score on Google Ads. If your website is too complicated or doesn’t build enough trust you will without doubt miss out on conversions and profit. Iternum Digital can help uou improve your site’s usability.

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"UX, UI and CRO go hand in hand when creating a more user-friendly website where visitors become customers. This should not be neglected."

- LANA HAMAWANDER, Head of Analytics & CRO/UX

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CRO is all about improving the conversion rate, namely the percentage of visitors who continues onto converting on your site. Iternum Digital’s conversion optimization program delivers fast results for your business. By using Conversion Rate Optimization we can improve your performance on your different digital channels. Our program follows a documented process consisting of different stages of planning, design, implementation, A/B testing and reporting. The insights we can gain for your business through our conversion optimization program will help you increase your conversions, revenue and profit.

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User Experience (UX) is not just one single thing or one type of design. To simplify it, think of UX as being the data, prototyping, research, flow and functionality that creates the foundation for what should become a great experience for the user. It comes down to every touchpoint between your brand, product or service and the user and, therefore, the UXD (User Experience Design) is applicable to both, online and offline channels. UX helps people accomplish tasks across platforms and plays a big part in the overall usability for a company’s customers.

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User Interface is the visual output of the findings made through UX.The UX provides the data and functionality but it’s not good if the interface doesn’t have a nice look and good feel to it. UI is where you create magic with the design, so that the user knows exactly how to navigate the interface. In the end, this makes it easier for the user to reach their goal – whether it’s buying a product, signing up for a newsletter or calling in for a free consultation. UI is where the designer works with Gestalt Laws (Laws of Similarity, Pragnanz, Proximity, Continuity, and Closure), colour psychology, typography, layouuts and much more to ensure all the functions are easy to navigate.

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Great usability is best achieved when UX and UI (User Interface) go hand in hand. You might have all the functionality needed on a website but if it doesn’t look great and doesn’t make sense to the user the usability of the website is bad and the user will continue their search somewhere else. Great usability will keep the users on your site and increase interaction which will send a positive signal to Google and that will improve your SEO performance. The traffic and interaction might not be enough to guarantee conversions though, and that’s where CRO comes in.