With over 2.8 billion users wordwide Facebook is pretty much owned by everyone. For many, the medium is used to stay up to date on events and news and to keep in touch with family, friends and acquaintances. With many profiles, it is perhaps not so surprising that Facebook´s algorithm has a large amount of user data. That makes Facebook’s algorithm very valuable to advertisers.


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"Facebook´s targeting and segmentation capabilities, and their large amount of user data, makes the platform an extremely interesting place to be as an advertiser."

- Jacob Gehrt, Head of Social

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Since Facebook made its big breakthrough in Denmark in 2008, a large part of the population has been regular users of the medium on a daily basis. Therefore, is it no surprise that Facebook possesses a huge amount of data on every single user. This does not only apply to the data you provided through your profile and your behavior on the medium. It also applies to a lot of data that Facebook has collected about your interactions on the internet through pixels and cookies. By using this data, Facebook is able to categorize you, your interests and buying patterns etc. This makes Facebook the ultimate medium when it comes to targeted ads based on, for example, interests.

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Just like with other social media, your content is crucial to how both your organic and paid content performs. For Facebook, it is incredibly important to ensure the best user experience on their platforms in order to retain users. As an advertiser, this requires that you know your customers and can create content that is relevant and inviting to the target audience you want to reach. If not, one would quickly be punished by Facebook’s algorithm, which will be reflected in your advertising costs.

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If you want to get off to a good start with advertising on Facebook or improve your already existing presence, we at Iternum Digital can help you create the right Facebook strategy. We make sure to exploit Facebook’s large amount of data to target your ads in the best possible way. At the same time, we develop relevant ads that put the user at the center and invite to interaction according to your specific KPIs and business goals.