Product feed optimization is the process of improving and enriching your product feeds in order to increase the results achieved by your online sales efforts across your sales channels. We’ve seen retailers get 30-40% revenue jumps from following best practices in optimizing their data. Effective product feed optimization will involve improving the quality of the feed, the source of the data, and ensuring that you aren’t just meeting the requirements of channels like Facebook, Google and Amazon, but are standing out from the crowd with high-quality, eye-catching listings that will engage your audience.


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"By providing as much valuable information as possible in your feed through data feed optimization, you can make your listings more relevant to your shopper's searches. The outcome, for example, can be that search engines like Google would display your ads more frequently for less money."

- Claes Jensen, Head of PPC

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An image of a product with a price is now a standard ad format on most digital marketing platforms. Amazon started out with this format and the others followed suit. Optimizing your product feed is an important part of the strategic, tactical and operational work in relation to optimizing towards your goals. The better your feed is optimized based on Google’s guidelines the better the performance and the cheaper the click. There are many different variables (attributes) that a feed must contain. We are experts in optimizing feeds and making sure your feed has the best starting point for performance.

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Customers with a large inventory can benefit from adding their products to Amazon through a product feed, as you will save a lot of time. In order to make great listings and rank high on Amazon with a product feed, it is important to have a well optimized feed. An optimized feed, has both mandatory and recommended attributes, where the information is added in a correct and optimized way for Amazon’s A10 algorithm. Right structure and information in the feed is your foundation, and will affect the chance of getting your products displayed in front of you customers. Let us help you optimize your feed!

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Advertising of your product feed on social media, including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest can be an efficient solution when it comes to delivering targeted personalized ads to selected audiences. With a product catalogue set based on the data feed from your website you have the possibility to create dynamic product ads with the specific products your website visitors have looked at, added to cart or purchased. This way you can make sure your ads have a high relevance for your audience.