Instagram is a mobile-based social media where the interaction is mainly centered around sharing photos and videos. For companies that have the opportunity to create an exciting visual universe, this channel is the channel to interact and meet your current and potential customers at eye level. As of 2020, there are nearly 1 billion Instagram users, which is why it is likely that your target audience are also on the medium.


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"Instagram has many opportunities - both organic and paid. As Instagram is the second most used social media, you as a company have the opportunity to reach your target audience and either create a need or accommodate a need."

- Jacob Gehrt, Head of Social

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With just above 1 billion users on Instagram, there is a high probability that your target audience are on the medium. In Denmark, Instagram is used daily by 30% of the population. However, the primary target audience is mainly around 35 years old or younger. Instagram is also slightly more popular among women than men. But as with Facebook, the older generation are starting to use the medium and the distribution between women and men is becoming more even. The medium is primarily used to find inspiration, making it highly attractive for companies to be among the many postings and stories.

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Instagram is owned by Facebook and is part of Facebook’s advertising platform. Therefore, these two are often linked. But there are also clear differences between the two platforms. For example, Instagram, unlike Facebook, is designed specifically for mobile use. In addition, the medium is more visually influenced and is built around images and videos rather than text. Users on Instagram experience fewer disruptive elements in the news flow from events, what others like and comment on, marketplace, various groups etc. Instagram’s news feed is therefore, in contrast to Facebook’s, a more manageable source of inspiration with visual stories.

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If you want to get started on Instagram or improve your existing presence, we at Iternum Digital can help you develop the right Instagram strategy and set up tailored ads that will attract relevant target audiences for your company, brand, products and services with the right copywriting and creative design.