Pay Per Click is an area of digital marketing that spans over several channels. It’s easy to understand – you pay when the given ad gets clicked on and gets the person through to the destination of the ad.


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"Optimizing your data on a granular level based on the business goal is extremely important in order to create the best results."

- Claes Jensen, Head of PPC

digitalt marketing bureau

Optimizing the money you spend on PPC is not an easy task. It requires effort and the right competencies, and you will need to find a strategy suitable for your business model in order to make it profitable.

Even though PPC can take place on various digital platforms, most people associate it with search engines. Iternum Digital works with search engine PPC, or SEM (Search Engine Marketing), across various search engines. You can read more about the best-known ones, Google Ads and Bing Ads, below.


Google Ads (former AdWords) is perhaps the best-known PPC channel and is developed by Google. In a lot of ways Google was the pioneer of the Pay Per Click marketing platform and has been growing and developing its features available to Google Ads advertisers ever since.


Bing is one of the biggest search engines in the world with 9% of the European market (3B monthly searches) and 34% of the US market (5B monthly searches). Bing Ads has similar features as Google Ads but lower click prices.


Amazon is the biggest marketplace in the world: in 2019 it sold products for over approx. 280 billion dollars. Almost 50% of all product searches in the US and correspondingly approx. 30% in Germany happen on Amazon. This means that you as an e-commerce business have a great potential to increase your sales and attain new markets.