Iternum Digital helps create transparency in the data our clients collect through digital marketing channels and platforms.
With over 12 years of experience we understand every business model which makes us able to generate results for our clients based on strategic, tactical and operational decisions. We control the technology, not the other way around. Our process of optimizing our clients’ data is based on a tailored strategy that we create from our profound knowledge parallel to the needs of our client’s business model, goals and desires.


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"As your digital marketing partner we help you create a foundation and strategy for your brand, product or service. With the right process, technology and competencies your digital development and performance will reach a new level."

- Bjørn Herbst, CEO

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There are various optimization strategies and which one to use depends on the brand and product, and the online channels (marketing platforms) used. We help identify the right optimization strategy, based on many years of experience. We adjust the strategy directly for your brand to create the best performance. Creativity goes hand in hand with performance. We help you improve this to perform the best.

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As a modern marketer you need to factor in the buyer’s journey when creating ads and working on your strategy. This needs to be done on several levels when starting up a campaign or optimizing the digital marketing platforms. You need to be present on the right channels and platforms at the right time to ensure the best chance of winning the sale or getting your message in front of the right audience. Iternum Digital helps define and understan the journeys your buyers take.

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Attribution modelling is a process and understanding of giving value to different touch points (such as keywords or ads) – in some cases across different marketing platforms. This also needs to be considered across different marketing channels. To achieve the best results with attribution modelling it is important to understand the consumer buying behaviour and which channels it is most efficient to invest in, regarding the given situation and business model. According to a Google survey, only 17% of advertisers say they look at their overall performance across all of their digital channels. Your customers are cross-channel users, and this needs to be taken into consideration.

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At Iternum Digital, we specialize in devising strategies built on different business models and goals. We can increase the brand awareness by producing creative content with the possibility to go viral. If you want to improve your ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) we build a foundation which makes the data optimization optimal in relation to your ROAS goal. If you want a better ROI (Return On Investment) we optimize your data directly based on your contribution margin by implementing a process that adds your contribution margin instead of your turnover. And in the case of conversions/CPA (Cost Per acquisition) we make sure that the right process and foundation are implemented as well. We are aiming for creating results based on your goals.

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How to reach your goal for your brand, product or service is tied to a lot of different variables on micro and macro levels. First of all the creative part needs to be in place. The optimizing model needs to be in line with the goal of your company and the given campaign. Iternum Digital knows how to optimize the different marketing platforms from any given business model. Often we improve the client’s business model on the basis of our deep industry knowledge that comes from working with a combination of small and big companies both, national and international.

Investing i creative idea development and strategic advice creates better results

Optimize your customer experience (CXM – Customer eXperience Management)

Create synergy between your campaigns across all your different marketing platforms

Gain more insights in your data across your platforms and achieve better results

Effective marketing and use of data makes better performance