At Iternum Digital we are very aware of our social and societal responsibilities. We love to support a good cause. That’s why we continuously support several different charities and initiatives. Beside this we want to do good for the climate and makes sure to work actively on our green transition and sustainability.

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As one of our CSR initiatives we have created what we call our heart projects. With our heart projects we contribute to a good cause with what we do best – digital marketing. Whether it is a big or small cause, we are happy to put our hours and core competencies on the line to support.

Are you our next heart project?



Iternum Digital supports the Danish Cancer Society’s work in the fight against breast cancer, so we can stand even stronger together. 70 years ago only 47% of women diagnosed with breast cancer were still alive 5 years after their diagnosis. Thanks to the great work and research in the field of breast cancer, this percentage has risen to as much as 87% today. At Iternum Digital we are very proud to contribute to this progress.



Iternum Digital is part of #TeamTrees. Like Elon Musk and Marc Benioff we want to help make our planet a greener place. That’s why we have donated 100 trees to #TeamTrees. Together with its contributors TeamTrees has planted millions of trees across 5 continents since the initiative started in 2019.

You can also join #TeamTrees and read more about the project here.



At Iternum Digital we have made sure to neutralize the CO2 that our website emits. We do so through the Danish climate initiative “CO2 neutral website”, that builds new renewable energy sources and participate in CO2-reducing projects similar to our website’s CO2 emissions on our behalf. In these days the internet and computer use are the cause of more CO2 emissions than aviation due to the large power consumption. At Iternum Digital we are glad to do our part to neutralize this.

If you also want to CO2 neutralize your website, you can read more about the initiative here.