Which software platforms do you need in order to succeed in your digital marketing? The choice will lay in the foundation for your data collection within several different dimensions of digital marketing.
Analytics, CRM, BI, etc. are all important fields to invest in when you have a digital marketing strategy.
We implement the technology and software that give your company the best starting point for collecting data and using it to reach your business goals based on your business model.


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At Iternum Digital we are experts in a long list of different software platforms including all Google platforms.

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Google Analytics is far more than just site visits and sessions. You can also see how all your digital channels work together to make a sale happen. Get insights into your visitor’s age and geographic location and use advanced adjusted segments to more easily get an overview of your traffic on any online channel such as Google Ads, Facebook, Bing, and SEO. Iternum Digital can help you make sure your Google Analytics is set up correctly and explain all the important functions to you.

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Google Tag Manager is the perfect tool for implementing and handling tracking. Getting the tracking in place is the first step towards valuable insights. Without knowing whether your visitors are making purchases or performing valuable actions on your website, you are just working blindly and cannot take informed decisions on how to move forward and improve the account’s performance. Iternum Digital can help you set up a Google Tag Manager account in which you get the perfect overview of the different tags you use for tracking on your website.

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Google Optimize is an A/B testing tool which can help you optimize your website and improve your conversion rate. If you have a lot of ideas for your website but no concrete evidence of what will work, A/B testing is the way to go. And for that Google Optimize is the ideal tool. With A/B testing you are armed with data, so that you can avoid making important decisions based on conjectures. We can help you set up Google Optimize on your website, so you can know more about how your visitors behave and this way optimize your conversions.

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With Looker Studio (Google Data Studio) you get a tool that can easily and clearly translate your data into informative and easy-to-understand visual reports and graphs. We love nerding heavy data, but we also know how hard it can be to read and understand for people that aren’t sitting with their nose in it everyday. Looker Studio makes it possible to gather all your data from different data sources – including Google Analytics and Google Ads – in one place and making sure it is presented in a visually pleasing and manageable way that everybody can understand. For this reason we also use Looker Studio for our own reporting. At Iternum Digital we can help you set up your Looker Studio, so that you can easily read the exact number you need.

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Screaming Frog is one of the best website crawlers on the market, and one of the tools we at Iternum Digital use in our SEO work. If you know how to use this tool, you can find out massive amounts of information about a website. When we do a total SEO analysis of a website, this is the first of many tools we use. The export function, the save crawl and link analysis functions are essential.

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When it comes to tracking links and monitoring competitors’ links we use Majestic Software Suite. With this tool you are able to gain insights into the link profile of your own clients as well as the link profile of their competitors. Sometimes a link report with bad links can help the client’s organic positions after creating a disavow file in Google Search Console.

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AccuRanker is another SEO tool we use, this time for tracking ranks in Google’s Search Engine Results Page. We also use this tool to track competitors across the board. From AccuRanker you are able to get reports in PDF format, which are easy to read even for people with little knowledge of IT. Reports are always available on request, but will be presented in more detail during the performance meetings. This tool tracks positions through time and you can set alerts and goals.