LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world with over 600 million users, as well as the preferred medium for B2B companies. The medium is particularly popular for job seekers. With over 30 million registered companies on the platform, there are also good opportunities for segmentation in terms of job titles, company size, education and so on.


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"LinkedIn is one of the social media platforms where users voluntarily provide the most information about themselves. It is precisely this information that is useful when you want to target ads to specific people who fit into certain professional characteristics or interests."

- Jacob Gehrt, Head of Social

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Because LinkedIn is a professional network, B2B companies often do better than B2C companies. LinkedIn users are in a professional mindset when scrolling through their feed. The platform is therefore increasingly used to stay professionally updated, maintain professional networks and create potential new career opportunities and partners.

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LinkedIn is a medium where users voluntarily provide a lot of information about themselves, as LinkedIn acts as a digital resume for many. Users are happy to provide information about their education, professional interests, job titles, workplace, previous jobs and so on. This information is unique and essential if you want to advertise on LinkedIn. The information makes it possible to target ads to specific people who share certain professional characteristics or interests.

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If you want to get started with advertising on LinkedIn, we at Iternum Digital can help you develop a LinkedIn strategy and set up tailored ads that will attract relevant target audiences for your company, brand, products and services with the right copywriting and creative design.