Pinterest is a social media that acts as a digital bulletin board. Many use the medium to find inspiration, but also to shop and discover new brands. In fact, 47% use the medium for shopping, opposite to Facebook and Instagram, where this number is 15% and 11%, respectively. This makes the platform extra interesting to advertise on.


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"Pinterest has a huge unexploited potential, as there are many active users, but not so many advertisers yet. In addition, Pinterest is a favorable combination of Facebook and Google."

- Jacob Gehrt, Head of Social

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Pinterest is a visual search engine, where users in contrast to other social media such as Facebook, have the opportunity to search for specific products. Thus, as an advertiser you can target your ads to specific keywords down to product level. In this way, the medium can be seen as a perfect combination between Facebook, Instagram and Google. Unlike Facebook, you as an advertiser have the opportunity to target the users in a different psychological mindset. You can target the users when they are actively seeking inspiration and information that is related to what you are selling. This means that the users on Pinterest often are more ready to make a purchase.

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Pinterest is a growing medium that has approximately 459 million active users, of which Denmark accounts for 1.1 million users. It is mainly the female segment that is dominant and accounts for 60%, but the number of male users has grown significantly over the recent years.

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Many categories and products are suitable for Pinterest. The most important is content, as Pinterest is a visual medium where users are looking for inspiration. Based on Pinterest’s target audience insight, the following is an overview of some of the most popular categories and interests. However, there is plenty of potential for companies outside these categories as well.

  • Home décor
  • DIY and crafts
  • Art
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Food and drinks
  • Women’s fashion

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On Pinterest, it is possible to post organic postings and create ads in the same way as on Facebook/Instagram. If you are good at SEO optimizing your ads, you can come a long way with a dedicated organic effort. However, if your business wants to realize the full potential of Pinterest, advertising is the way to go. Pinterest brings together the best of all platforms, as you can target by keywords, interests, engagement and custom audiences.