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Author: Julie Stenberg

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Instagram Shopping is one of the newer options for online businesses. On Instagram, you can easily and visually sell your items directly to your target group. Read here and learn more about what Instagram Shopping is and how to get started.

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Shopping on Instagram allows all qualified companies to sell products directly on the platform. Of course, it is an advantage if you sell physical products. The consumer can buy the products that they find interesting without having to leave the platform, in an easy and safe way. It has never been easier for neither business or customer to get inspired and buy their favorite products online.

What is Instagram Shopping?

In short, Instagram Shopping is an opportunity for companies to put their goods up for sale on Instagram – which creates a new sales platform, as well as convenience for the company’s target group. As a company, all you have to do is to have a company profile, then you are already well on your way. If you currently have a regular user with organic content, you can easily and quickly adjust it so you do not need to start all over again.

The essence of Shopping on Instagram is that your company can tag your products in photos in order for users to easily click on the tags and directly purchase the tagged product. By clicking on the tag, the user can see the price and the product image from your website. Shopping can be used on both organic posts and paid ads. You can tag up to 5 products per image or 20 products in a carousel.

When the consumer clicks on the image with tagget products, an arrow will appear next to each tag, which can be clicked on to access more information about the given product. By the arrow itself, is also the name of the product and the price. The details of the product are retrieved directly from your product catalog. Below, you can see an example where a company has tagged products on one of their photos in the feed.

The products are tagged through the company’s product catalog, which is linked in Facebook Business Manager.

Why Instagram Shopping?

Shopping on Instagram, is an easy way to get in touch with potential buyers, as the platform is the obvious medium for many to get inspiration. Instagram users have always come to Instagram to buy and discover new products. Often when users are inspired, they make a conversion – why not give them the opportunity directly in the branding?

Make your followers aware of your new feature

On Instagram, it is possible to create a direct link to your followers and thus customers, as you can easily interact with them in several different ways. Therefore, it is also a platform where many are aware of your brand and your news. It is a good idea to make your followers aware that they can shop their favorite products directly from your Instagram page. You can do this in several ways – preferably in interaction.

For example, you can use the classic features and create a post or story where you publish the news. Feel free to show your followers how they can use the feature, so they understand how easy it is. You can also be more creative and take advantage of some of the newer features on the medium by either making an IGTV or a reels where you show a purchase on your page on the platform. By using these features, you can easily open up for further dialogue and interaction with your followers – for example, via polls or questions on the story. Any interaction with your profile will improve the algorithm’s disadvantages and thus your position in the market.

In general, it is a good idea to be creative on Instagram. Therefore, if you sell jewelry, show them in an environment and style them in many different ways – this creates more of an eye-catcher than a regular product image on a white background. Get creative. If your series is inspired by the sea, you could possibly go to the beach and shoot some beautiful pictures of the collection to create an atmosphere on your profile. Everyone gets more inspired by creative images. And by looking at different ways to style your products, it is easier for the consumer to relate.

You need to be aware of this

Similar to every platform, there are rules that you need to be aware of when using Instagram Shopping. First and foremost, Instagram’s trade policy, which is a standard set of rules found on most platforms. In addition, you need to link to a Facebook page and the mentioned product catalog to the Instagram account. Instagram is owned by Facebook, so they want it to be a synergy between the different platforms.

When you create a business page and associate a catalog, Instagram must accept your account. Once approved, your business is ready to tag and sell products on the platform.



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