Guide: How to Use Instagram Reels

Author: Simone Pedersen

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Instagram Reels is one of Instagram’s latest initiatives and is a new way to create entertaining and creative content. Read our guide on how to create an Instagram Reels and how to easily use the recording and editing function in the app.

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Create fun and interactive video content directly in the Instagram app! Instagram Reels allows you to record and edit 15 or 30-second videos that can be shared directly to Stories, in your feed, Reels and on Explore.

You can use several editing tools to create the perfect Reels and we will explain them here!

This is how you create an Instagram Reels

1. To create an Instagram Reels, click ‘+’ next to your profile picture when you are on your homepage.

2. Before you start recording or selecting clips for your video, you can choose whether the length should be 15 or 30 seconds. You will find the function on the left side of the screen.

3. Now you can select whether you want existing clips from your camera roll or record one or several new clips.

4. To select existing clips from your camera roll, simply pull up your camera roll from the bottom of the screen. Select the desired clip and customize the clip by adjusting the bar at the bottom. Click ‘Add’ when you are satisfied with the clip. If you want more clips from your camera roll, repeat the process.

5. If you want to record a new clip directly with your camera, click on the clipboard icon. Hold down the icon for as long as you want to record.

6. Once you have recorded the first clip, you have the option to use the adjust tool, which you can find at the bottom left under the remaining tools. The adjust tool allows you to view the end of the last clip, so you can use the transparent image to adjust the subsequent clip.

7. If you are not satisfied with a clip, you can use the ‘<’ and ‘>’ on the side of the clipboard icon to highlight the clip. Then press ‘x’ in the top left corner and confirm that you want to discard the selected clip.

8. You also have the option to add music to your video. Click on the Note icon located on the left side of the screen. You have the opportunity to search for music as well as see popular music suggestions especially for you. When you click on a song, it is possible to select the desired sequence by adjusting the bar at the bottom. Press ‘Done” when you are finished selecting the sequence that suits your video.

9. If you have selected music, it may be helpful to use the Timer tool and select a countdown of 3 or 10 seconds. That way it is possible to get ready before the recording starts.

10. You can also use the Speed icon to customize how fast or slow your clips should be. Please note that both the video and the audio in your clips will be altered.

11. Now’s the time to play with effects and filters! Click on the effect tool and use some of your previously saved filters and AR effects, or browse other filters.

12. You can also add text, drawings and stickers to your video, similar to Instagram Stories. You can find these tools in the top right corner.

13. Once you have recorded and edited your video as you wish, click ‘Share Now’, located in the bottom right corner of the screen. You can choose to upload a cover image from your camera roll or a still image from the video.

14. Then you are ready to share your Reels! You can do that in Instagram Stories, your Feed or on Explore.