Get to know GA4 and all it’s new features


18 may 2022 10.00-10.45

When you have your Analytics implementation in place, or if you are implementing it as you read this, it’s time to get to know GA4. There’s a completely different UI and reporting – this of course is really exciting, but will also require some time to get used to.

There’s also new metrics and way of thinking
We will for example no longer have bounce rate in GA4, but there’s new metrics such as engaged users – which makes much more sense in regards to the new data model (even if we all will miss bounce rate, of course)

You need to build your own reports
If you enter a completely new GA4 account, you will most likely wonder where many of the reports are located, you simply can’t find them? And there are a lot fewer reports than you are used to? We can assure you that there’s nothing wrong with your account, this is due to the fact that you need to build some of the reports yourself. This will of course require some time, but it is a quite nice feature, since you are way more flexible in GA4 to build reports that fill your needs.

Join our webinar and get wiser on how you can get the most out of your new GA4 properties:

  • What is Google Analytics 4?
  • Which new features and metrics are there?
  • Which reports are available, but not already up and running?
  • What is crucial to have in place, to get the most out of your setup?

The webinar will be in english.

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